We Offer Sales Strategy, Process, AND Execution for growth stage businesses.



We specialize in sales strategy, process and execution for growth stage businesses.


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Successful companies are differentiated by their process, not just a great product.

For most B2B businesses, assembling the right people, process, tools, and resources to grow revenue is tough.

Hustle and opportunistic wins are great, but putting in place a foundation for long-term scalability is critical. You need insights, volume, and supporting talent to build a predictable growth engine.

Harbinger brings together a team of ex-founders (with numerous exits), former heads of sales for top startups, mentors for top accelerators, and top performing salespeople. Together we leverage a variety of methodologies with proven success across the B2B sales space.

Moving the needle is our primary focus. We don’t just provide ideas. We execute them.

9 out of 10 startups fail. We make sure you're part of the 10% that don't! 

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Challenge Your Customers

Don’t just pitch your product, provide value to prospective clients, bringing fresh perspectives.

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Accurately Predict Monthly Revenue

Implement processes that allow you to scalable generate leads & create replicable processes to push deals forward.

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Optimize Resource Allocation

Devise strategies to ensure all the resources necessary for growth are in place, while still managing burn rates.

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" To build a scalable business that is investable, design, launch, and manage a repeatable process, based on leading methodologies. That’s one of the things we look at to mitigate the risk of investment. ”

- Sumeet Shah, VC, Swiftarc Ventures



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Pipeline Building & Enablement

Build a Scalable Lead Generation Engine

All the resources to build your lead engine, including a BDR, VP, strategy, sales ops, list building, and sales development.

  • Review of messaging, sales narratives, decks, business cases, proposals, and collateral

  • Needs identification to determine bottlenecks in the process

  • Executing automated email cadences and lead list building

  • Response handling

  • Objection and question handling

  • Implementing & managing sales tools

  • Booking meetings

  • Updating prospect lists and CRMs

  • Refining campaigns based on data to optimize conversion

  • Supporting AE’s lead follow up

  • Innovative ways to get meetings like account based emails, phone calls, events, partnerships, etc.

  • Optimizing sales team and resources for success

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Pipeline Progression & Sales Process Development

Developing collateral and taking control of the sale

Coaching from veteran sales VPs:

  • Coaching on sales narrative, process and moving prospects through the pipeline

  • Pipeline progression and conversation rates audit

  • 'Buyer's guide' (including objection handling, ROI, FAQs, etc.) for selling to key stakeholders

  • Sales scripts for meetings 1 and 2 and a recommended script for subsequent customer conversations

  • Scripts for moving deals along the pipeline more quickly, e.g. how to take control of the sale

  • A playbook outlining who/what/when to send key materials

  • Pipeline reviews to identify bottlenecks on specific deals and strategies for moving them along

  • Joining and auditing sales calls

  • Role playing

  • Negotiation planning

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A ‘Sales Team

In A Box’

Most popular!

Your full sales support team for your Account Executives

Allocation of VP, SDRs, and Ops for:

  • A combination of the Lead Generation Engine and Pipeline Progression offerings

  • Full scale support for your direct sellers from a VP, SDR, and Sales Ops manager so that they can focus on what they do best - selling

  • Focused on increasing deal closure rate, increasing deal size, increasing the number of prospect meetings and decreasing sales cycle length

  • Execution and management of entire lead generation process

  • Pipeline progression strategy

  • Development of sales collateral

  • Buying guide and sales playbook

  • Sales team optimization and sales tools implementation

  • Ongoing sales coaching and team training


Already have a sales team or not ready to hire one just yet?

We also offer the analyses, training, and the support you need to de-risk your decision and drive tangible results:

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Coaching, Playbooks, and Training

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Market Validation Analyses

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Accelerators and Governments

Trainings in various areas like negotiations and deal closing, sales tools, proposals, case studies development, content, and more.

We’ll run market validation testing and talk with real customers to inform your decision to enter a new market or vertical.

We work with a number of organizations as their ‘Sales Team In Residence’ supporting their portfolio and alumni companies with sales execution.


“We found the greatest value in hiring Harbinger to build and implement our growth engine and help us avoid the many mistakes we could have made. Now we are ready to bring on our internal team and Harbinger was a big part as a trusted partner in that process.”

- Thomas Fandrich, Co-Founder, Quantilope

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We’re strategically based in the heart of New York City.

We also have offices in San Francisco and London.


We specialize in working with companies who are ready for growth:

  • Seed, Series A & Series B Startups

  • International / Looking to Scale in the U.S. Market

  •  B2B sales to SMB/Enterprise (especially SaaS)

  • Supporters, i.e. Governments, Accelerators, VCs, Corporations


At any given point, we work with dozens of clients. Example profiles of businesses include:

On behalf of our clients, we've sourced and closed hundreds of deals with Fortune 500 brands, SMBs, startups and more from 15+ sectors globally.



I work with them daily and can only say stellar things about their dedication and professionalism. Harbinger has been instrumental in getting us where we are today.
— Berta Jarosova, Travel a la Carte
You’ve taught our team so much and truly transformed our long-term approach to sales. The strategies and sales optimizations we’ve learned have made an immediate impact!
At first, I thought you were just ‘outsourcing.’ I quickly realized that you bring the best of an internal team without the drawbacks...and lot of added value in the process.

Hear How Our Clients Drove $250K in Revenue in just 6 months of working with Harbinger!

Case Study: Building and Implementing Quantilope's Sales Growth Engine

Quantilope was able to double their revenue goals within one ramped quarter by focusing on building a repeatable and scalable sales process and are now scaling out their internal team.

Case Study: Creating Motionlab's Sales Process and Strategy

Recently named one of the top 4 startups in Europe, Motionlab was able to leverage a number of creative strategies to generate leads which you can read about here.


"I was skeptical at first about not hiring internally, but you’ve completely changed our business. We couldn’t have raised our last bridge and then our Series A without you... plus you’ve built a long-term foundation for growth.” 


Case Study: Scaling B2B SaaS

Our biggest milestones were 8 - 9 meetings per week off of a 4% meeting conversion rate (we aim for 3% typically) with potential customers, and closing a $2.4M deal within 9 months, which allowed us to double the client’s average deal size as they refined the product, their customer success processes, and their product/market fit.

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Case Study: Enterprise AI

We focused on filling the top of the funnel with an account-based approach to average ~8-12 meetings per week. Earlier in the year, Amazon & Microsoft had entered their space and they hired us to help them shift their focus from large enterprise to SMB.


Case Study: Strategic Playbook

We set up what we call is a 'Challenger' method of lead generation and direct selling for a B2B SaaS platform, which resulted in a 12x increase in meetings per month (they were booking ~3 meetings per month, we were booking ~36 meetings per month in steady state). The process included the development of the messaging, lead lists, sales deck, case studies, buying guides and other supporting materials to control the sale. They have around a 10% deal closure rate on a $60k per year average deal size SaaS product.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our people are tried and true, results-oriented, and pressure-tested with multiple exits under their belts. Their network and expertise spans across tens of sectors and in markets around the world and they are regular speakers, teachers, and mentors at events and programs like Techstars, ERA, Starta Accelerator, General Assembly, and many more.

Our Co-Founder, Matt Listro, was a VP @ Crowdtap (now Suzy). As Crowdtap’s first sales hire, he helped the business get to $25 million + in annual recurring revenue. Our other Co-Founder, Jessica Rubin, pioneered some of the first digital campaign strategies for the likes of CNN, Dove™, Yahoo, CVS, and many more.


We take great pains to hire the best. On average, we accept 1% of qualified applicants that go through our rigorous 4-stage interview process that culminates in a 2-hour strategic role play.


Let's Scale Together

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